Friday, January 6, 2017

New Years resolution....I am back!

So, I am going to try this again! My new years resolution is to get back to blogging. My goal is to post every single day . Well, I will post something, no matter how big or small the post might be :) 

 I have a crazy busy life (I know preaching to the choir right?) but this is something I really enjoy doing. No matter how  many or who is actually reading, it is such fun way to express who you are. I enjoy and rely on reading other peoples ideas and reviews on things to do with health, food, activities, family stuff.....and so on.

It is where you can get your best tried and true "tested" out recipes that others have tried, that you can simply use, or tweak to your liking. If it be about good food alternatives or good "eat this not that" ideas, or side effects to look for when taking some new supplement, to a good work out tip for crazy busy moms like me, I love it. So here we go! Cheers to 2017!

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