Monday, August 17, 2015

To Gluten or not to Gluten……

So, I have been suffering from digestion issues for many years now. Even before I became a Pastry Chef, I had been through the ringer with different test ordered by my GI doctor. Never in my life did I think I would actually consider giving up gluten…..and I would find it to be the bane of my existence.

I actually became much worse than usual this last year. In a doctor’s appointment recently my doctor suggested I try going Gluten Free for at least 2 weeks and see if it made any difference.  Now I have had doctors/nurses mention this before, but I’m like, no way, how in the world can I make that work? I’m a Pastry Chef, and not to mention, bread has been a staple in my diet my whole life.  I mean Ha really, that is just a bad joke!

Within two days of omitting gluten from my diet completely,  I noticed a difference. I had one night where gluten sneaked into one of my recipes (still learning how much gluten is in everything!) and the next day I was so sick to my stomach and just downright miserable.  I was keeping a food diary to see what helped and so I could jot down the recipes I tried and what I liked, and didn’t, or what my family liked as well. I highly recommend doing this if you try a gluten free trial. It is the only way I knew what I had eaten the day before that made me sick. It was soy sauce, by the way, I had no idea wheat was in soy sauce! I also want to mention, my mental clarity picked up, as well as my fatigue is slowly dissipating. My daily yawning quota  seems to have been cut in half!

Anyway, I write all this because I have decided to start blogging again, but it is going to be centered around Gluten Free ideas, recipes, and how to cook for a family of 5 when you have to go gluten free. That is not the easiest task by the way, when there are those family favorites, that you just can’t take away from everyone just because you can’t have them.  But it is quite a task when you are the cook, and tasting while cooking plays a huge part, so it makes it a little more difficult when you can’t taste what your cooking if it has gluten in it.

I have always looked for the healthier way to bake/cook, but this is a whole new ball game. Let me tell you, Gluten Free does not always mean “healthy” and I have learned some of the unhealthy Gluten Free foods I am allowed, so lets just say I am on a mission! If you try going gluten free, one thing I will warn is you will feel hungry all of the time, at least that is what I am experiencing right now. I have read more about it, and it is almost like your body is going through a detox from gluten.  If you have done a sugar detox, you know what it can do. Well it can kind of be like that. Some articles I have read talk about “the storm before the calm” For some people it can take a few days to recover from the detox and you can have all sorts of symptoms until you feel better, but then it is so worth it and you feel  great! I will tell you, except for the hunger and maybe being a little extra achey, I haven’t had any horrible side effects.

Now, I did read that for some people, this hunger can last up to 3 months. I have basically adapted the 6 (or so) small meals (or snacks) a day thing. I may feel like I’m starving, but then when I go to eat something, a handful of nuts, grapes, cheese,  just a simple little snack eases  off the hunger. So, although you want to eat all the time, you are not eating too much. Although, it is easy to grab the wrong thing when your starving because there are so many processed GF snacks out there (including potato chips!) So that is my goal, yummy gluten free foods that my family will love and that I won’t feel  guilty eating, and neither will you! Recipes soon to follow…..

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