Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Making babies!

So, I can't even count how many times I have come into my blog to post, and now have some half written blog post saved in my file because something always comes up, and I keep trying to get back to it, but just haven't finished yet! I had some heart healthy kitchen staples that I was going to have posted for Valentines week, but then, well, life just happened, and my kids needed goodies made for parties, valentines made (I did post those!) and between practices, then with wrestling tournaments to go to, time just got away. I'm pretty sure my profile states I have three kids, so any of you moms reading this, I know you understand :0)

So, anyway, I had orders to get done, and I thought I would just throw in a fun post of what I was doing today.....
Making babies!
 I know, I know, your probably like.....

But, seriously, one of my favorite little fondant figures I make are these sweet little babies. 

These are made of fondant/gumpaste and have such intricate detail, and are adorable for baby showers, birthdays, and more. I custom make these, and one of my customers order wants diapers on a few of them, so I have to go make some cute little diapers to cover their bottoms. As you can see, I am half way done, so I have to get back to work! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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